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25+1 Celebration

Date: 6/8/2022 Category: Up-coming

The upcoming celebration for the club's 25+1 is on the 6 August 2022

Click here to read more on the Events page

New Organisational Chart

Date: 5/8/2022 Category: Information

The organisational chart has been updated

Committee & Contacts: Click here to view

Magazines Online

Date: 2/8/2022 Category: Magazines

The current club magazine is now available.
Check out the magazines online.

Click the link to go to: Magazines

Zeitschrift Magazine

Date: 16/7/2022 Category: Magazines

The latest July 2022 Zeitschrift Magazine has been added in the Blog section

Zeitschrift July 2022 Magazine: Click Here

Buy & Sell Updates

Date: 7/7/2022 Category: Buy-Sell

The Buy & Sell pages has new entries.

Click here: : Buy & Sell Page

Blog Updates

Date: 6/7/2022 Category: Information

There are new blog updates including one from the McLaren Vale Vintage & Classic event

Click here: : McLaren Vale Vintage & Classic Notice

RATEX Update

Date: 5/7/2022 Category: Information

There is some new information in the RATEX Blog

RATeX Update

Historic Registration

Date: 4/7/2022 Category: Historic Registration

Information concerning the requirement to register your vehicle(s) by 30 June 2022 can be seen in the Blog

Click the link: Historic Registration Blog Entry

Stories Page Moved

Date: 6/6/2022 Category: Information

The Stories has been moved under the Blog section.

Stories Page Link


Date: 15/5/2022 Category: Information

The Strathalbyn Tourism Association and volunteers invite you and your members to visit the Gilbert’s Motor Museum at 34 High Street, Strathalbyn.
Go to the Blog Page: GILBERT'S MOTOR MUSEUM STORY for further information.

VECSA would like to thank our platinum sponsor

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