Honours List

Our Club survives and thrives thanks to the effort made each year by its members. On this page you will find a list of the Club's Office holders and the recipients of our annual and perpetual awards.

Founding Members


R Newbury
R Tidswell
J Jansen

Executive Members

1996R Newbury
1997R Newbury
1998R Newbury
1999R Newbury
2000J Kruger
2001J Kruger
2002R Newbury
2003S Lynch
2004K Rowlands
2005K Rowlands
2006K Rowlands
2007J Kruger
2008J Kruger
2009J Kruger
2010R Brown
2011T Thornton
2012T Thornton
2013T Thornton
2014B Stacey
2015B Stacey
2016T Thornton
2017T Thornton
2018T Thornton
2019A Taylor
2020A Taylor
2021A Taylor
1996R Tidswell
1997D Gluyas
1998A Thompson / R Tidswell
1999R Tidswell
2000R Tidswell
2001R Tidswell
2002D O'Connor
2003D O'Connor
2004P Toome
2005P Toome
2006R Rowlands
2007U Poynter
2008U Poynter
2009U Poynter
2010U Poynter
2011B Stacey
2012B Stacey
2013C Fletcher
2014C Fletcher
2016T Thornton / R Helmers
2017R Gilbert / M Dillon
2018M Dillon
2019M Dillon
2020M Dillon
2021M Dillon
1996J Jansen
1997R Tidswell
1998G Strybos
1999G Strybos
2000D Wade
2001D Wade
2002R Rowlands
2003R Rowlands
2004R Rowlands
2005S Howard
2006S Howard
2007S Howard
2008S Howard
2009S Howard
2010S Howard
2011T Mudge
2012T Mudge
2013T Mudge
2014T Mudge
2015T Mudge
2016T Mudge
2017T Mudge
2018T Mudge
2019T Mudge
2020T Mudge
2021T Mudge

Life Members

Founding HonourRoy Williams ✝
1996G Kruger ✝
1996A Kruger
2006R Newbury
2012J Kruger
2018T Mudge
2019R Rowlands
2019K Rowlands
2020T. Thornton & R. Gilbert 

Hall of Fame Members

2012R Gilbert
2013M Tulla ✝
2014I Poynter ✝
2014U Poynter
2015T Thornton
2016R Rowlands
2016K Rowlands
2017K Poole

Max Burgess Team Player Award

2001G Bell
2002R Rowlands
2002K Rowlands
2003T Laube
2004R Gilbert
2005A Bates
2006P Toome
2008R Gilbert
2009M Cheetham
2010R Rowlands
2010K Rowlands
2011J Kruger
2012U Poynter
2012I Poynter ✝
2013T Thornton
2014M Morton
2015M Pomeroy
2016B Stacey
2017T Mudge
2019V Teale
2020C Fletcherr

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