Volkswagen Beetle | Buyer's Guide

Whether it's your first foray into the hobby or one car purchase of many, the instantly recognizable VW Beetle makes for a great collector vehicle: You're almost guaranteed to find a reasonably priced example in good condition, and they're dead simple to work on. Hagerty magazine Executive Editor Stefan Lombard takes you through the ins and outs of vetting one of these cars before pulling the trigger.

November Club VeeDub Sydney Magazine

Click on the link to read the latest Zeitschrift magazine from Club VeeDub Sydney.

Zeitschrift November 2021 Magazine

VW Beetle Lovers on Instagram

There is an instagram page that has many images of Beetles, many quite interesting.I was looking at embedding the page on the site so new images appear but Facebook have deprecated the API to allow for this as they want to drive traffic to their site (its all about the money $$$$).In any case, you can go to Instagram and check it out yourself.

VW Beetle Lovers Instagram Link

October Club VeeDub Sydney Magazine

Click on the link to read the latest Zeitschrift magazine from Club VeeDub Sydney.

Zeitschrift October Magazine

VW WA Magazine - October 2021

Click on the link to read the latest VW WA magazine.

VW WA October 2021 Magazine

Volkswagen Car Enthusiasts in California

West Coast is home to many car enthusiasts—of all makes and models. 

Two Volkswagen enthusiasts recently told NTD what it’s like to own their classic Deluxe's.

Link to Video

Germany is bracing for a major electric vehicle shock

Volkswagen and the German car industry are retooling for a future without combustion engines. 

But thousands of smaller car-part makers fear for their future.

Wired Magazine Article

Club VeeDub Sydney Sept. 2021 Magazine

Click on the link to read the latest Zeitschrift magazine from Club VeeDub Sydney.

ClubVeeDub 09-2021 Magazine

Club VeeDub Sydney August 2021 Magazine

Click on the link to read the August Zeitschrift magazine from Club VeeDub Sydney

Zeitschrift August 2021

Psychedelic Kombi

Permission has been given by the image owner from Love Light Festival to display the GIF.

Ben's VWNewsBlog

Visit Ben's VWNews Blog or all the latest news on the Volkswagen machine from around the globe at:

Ben's VWNewsBlog

The Wolf

The Wolf Karmann Ghia. The photo was taken by Wally Tylar at the McLaren Vale Vintage & Classic in 2019.

Hot VWs

VW Beetle class 11 seems to just get bigger in the USA. Absolute opposite end of the scale compared to the 250 kph Trophy Trucks and Buggies.

PS: you need a good back to drive a Bug in an off road race.

Why Did Volkswagen Kill The Beetle?

Volkswagen is one of the world’s largest automakers. It houses brands such as Audi, Porsche, and Bentley. But perhaps its best-known vehicle is the Volkswagen Beetle. Over its entire lifespan, Volkswagen sold over 22.5 million of all three versions of the Beetle. But in July of 2019, production one of the most iconic and important cars of all time came to an end.

Rise and Fall of the Beetle

In its 81-year run, the Beetle sold over 23 million units. In 2019 the final Beetle rolled off the line in Puebla, Mexico. After eight decades, has the Volkswagen Beetle finally hit the end of the road?

Scott Keogh, Volkswagen America CEO, says "never say never."

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