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2023 RATeX advance notice

The Committee has locked in the following dates for the 2023 Ratex:

Saturday 25th March 2023 to Sunday 2nd April 2023

A brief overview of the proposed route is to depart from Cavan, travel through Jamestown and Peterborough to Broken Hill and the Meningie Lakes, come back to Mildura and then follow the River Murray down to Tailem Bend and Wellington to Langhorne Creek.

The final itinerary will be determined after Perry Toynton and Linda Hancock have completed their reconnoitre when the weather warms up a bit.

So – watch this space and the Ratex Blog!!

From your Organising Committee

Ratex 2022 Accommodation Booking

If you are going on the Ratex trip to Kangaroo Island you will need to book your first nights’ accommodation before December 31 to be able to guarantee a space at the caravan park. The caravan park is experiencing high demand for available spaces over the weekend of March 19 and 20. VECSA have a hold on fifteen sites which need to be confirmed as bookings ASAP.

Contact Brett or Jo-Ann, initial bookings made by Trevor Jenkins.

Second Valley Caravan Park

1 Finniss Vale Drive,

Second Valley SA 5204

Ph: 08 8598 4045

VECSA Ratex 2022 Application

Attached is the Ratex Registration Application spreadsheet. 

Contact Tony Mudge for any queries.

Click on the following link to download and open.

Ratex 2022 Registration Application Form

Another tourism video

Tourism Video for KI


It was decided that the RATEX 2022 will be between 19 to 27 March 2022.

It was decided that it would be a camping trip with daily excursions.

A charity is still to be announced but will include practical contributions such as fence rebuilding.

A $50 deposit  with a total cost of $200 (which does not include the ferry).

Organisers are Andrew, Phil, Tony M.


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